1. Frequency Distribution Table

1. Frequency Distribution Table

Statistics – Frequency Distribution Table

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  1. Xxtictoc1216xX
    Xxtictoc1216xX says:

    Idk why all teacher can't make this much sense I mean shit I'm prolly across the world watching a guy with zero communication with him and I understand him 15000 times better than my teacher. Bruh my school should just be learning from YouTube videos

  2. Ram Vashista
    Ram Vashista says:

    Thnx mate..good and simple explanation..one doubt, how did you decide the 2 to calculate the K. If there any logic/method/assumption for this value. You could have taken 3, 4 ,5 or any number. Please clarify my doubt. Thank you again

  3. Monstlycat AJ
    Monstlycat AJ says:

    I always have to do this because my new teacher doesnt right notes so i have to write the notes myself for homework :I

  4. micaha B
    micaha B says:

    I'm in my stats class now and I didn't understand a single thing my instructor said. I looked up this video and understood Frequency Distribution with in minutes. Thanks

  5. Jared Stanley
    Jared Stanley says:

    You gotta shorten these bitches up bruh, so when I leave class during a test to go to the bathroom and I'm trying to figure this shit out it'll be quicker

  6. Md Kamal Hossain
    Md Kamal Hossain says:

    Thak you very much.Your teaching technique is very high.Once time I did not understand about frequency distribution,but when I saw this video I understand everything very easily.I am CFA candidate,Every time I wish if Allah blesses you.

    Kind regards,


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