11 Secrets Retail Workers Will Never Tell You

The truth finally comes out…

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19 replies
  1. Alice Caithness
    Alice Caithness says:

    Non of these are surprising and I'm sure people who work there would complain about it to their friend. they're just saying its a secret as a click bait title.

  2. Julianne Murray
    Julianne Murray says:

    Little secret from dollar tree. EVERYTHING is a dollar there are signs everywhere saying that everything is a dollar. I get asked at least 10 times a shift how much stuff costs.

  3. Bethchecker
    Bethchecker says:

    when adults have children with them and allow them to run around, scream, mess clothing and jewellery areas up and drop them on the floor.

  4. Leddowntheyoutuberabithole
    Leddowntheyoutuberabithole says:

    I worked retail for 1 summer as a teen. It cured my curiosity. My heart breaks a little for adults that still work retail. Not job shaming at all, but being in a role where your bound to service people can get degrating.

  5. cDayz
    cDayz says:

    Well I wonder what they think at the till then when the majority of the time I pay for items with change and I mean £1 coins, 20 & 50 pence coins. I've been refused in a Game store because, as I tried to pay for a pre owned GTA5 in 50ps worth £35. ha ha

  6. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    Coupons never annoyed me at all. I actually high-fived several customers who managed to get huge savings from them. I say go on with your bad self!

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