1999 Accord Distributor seal installation

I found out that my distributor’s inner seal leaks and thought that this is a 15 minutes job. At least all YouTube videos pointed me in that direction. It might be true for the previous generation of Honda distributors but not for this one. The coupling that connects the distributor to the camshaft is secured by a pin but the pin here is pressed into the distributor shaft. In order to push the pin out I had to create some “devices”. At first I tried to push the pin out with a long screw, using my vise as a press. But regular screws kept bending. So I created a set of short screws, one just a couple of millimeters longer than another. I also found out that the screws made for wood are much stronger (at least the ones that I had). I did not have enough room to position the camera the right way to show the process but I still hope that this video will be beneficial for DIYers.

The vehicle is a 1999 4 cylinder Honda Accord with 135000 miles.
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  1. chirhymes
    chirhymes says:

    I recently had the same issue as everyone else with the pin. for anyone having trouble with this still I found an extremly easy way to remove it in under a minute. I bought a chain breaker for motorcycle chain at harbor freight for like $8. It fits against the pin and pushes it out the other end. best of luck

  2. LeRoy West
    LeRoy West says:

    I finally got that pin out, the seals in everything working great. Thanks to my neighboor who put it a big vise with soft brase covers, and his 2 lb hammer, my set of punches.
    I got the pin started moving last night hammering for like 2 hours, not much. Yet clamped in the big vise, with the big hammer, 10-15 minutes, Then seals in and I used the vise to '' press'' the pin back into the shaft– easy. Then a few hits to make the pin flush..Presto'''….
    10 bucks for the seals at red auto rehab. They've got a store in Ebay. and it's easy.

  3. Francis White
    Francis White says:

    Broke 3 punches in the process but eventually got it out. Well worth the savings of labor or a new distributor. Thanks!

  4. Danny Alzammar
    Danny Alzammar says:

    Mine will not come out I've tried banging on it with the pin and hammer but it will not budge I even tried your idea by using the vise to press it out but it won't budge any ideas.

  5. Wunmi Segun
    Wunmi Segun says:

    Thank you so much for this video, I was told at  Honda that they do not sell the shaft seal but from your video I got the name and maker. Big thanks


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