5 Game Design Innovations from 2016 | Game Maker’s Toolkit

In order to recognise the most creative games of 2016, this video highlights five innovative ideas – from full game concepts to clever features that other developers will be pinching in a few years time.

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Correctiom: Torben Ellert is the lead online designer for Hitman, not lead designer.

Further reading

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Gamasutra – Designing the Elusive Targets system in 2016’s Hitman

Games shown in this episode (in order of appearance):

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Naughty Dog, 2016)
Titanfall 2 (Respawn Entertainment, 2016)
DOOM (id Software, 2016)
The Witness (Thekla, Inc, 2016)
Inside (Playdead, 2016)
Dishonored 2 (Arkane Studios, 2016)
Firewatch (Campo Santo, 2016)
Hue (Fiddlesticks Games, 2016)
Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine, 2016)
Virginia (Variable State, 2016)
Furi (The Game Bakers, 2016)
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Infinity Ward, 2016)
Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment, 2016)
XCOM 2 (Firaxis, 2016)
Pokemon Red (Game Freak, 1996)
Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook Studios, 2016)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Eidos Montreal, 2016)
The Walking Dead: Season One (Telltale Games, 2012)
Oxenfree (Night School Studio, 2016)
Superhot (SUPERHOT Team, 2016)
Hitman (iO Interactive, 2016)
Her Story (Sam Barlow, 2015)

Music used in this episode:

00:00 – Runaway (animeistrash)
02:43 – The Hamlet (Darkest Dungeon)
04:35 – Epiphany Fields (Oxenfree)
07:07 – Thoughts Alive (animeistrash)
08:38 – Main Theme (Hitman)
10:18 – Runaway (animeistrash)

Other credits:

snowgigas: “Overwatch – Shutdown Play of the Game with Zenyatta”

Conman 262: “The Most Stupid Soldier Fail That Has Happened in My XCOM 2 Play through Ever”

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14 replies
  1. SengirShowsU
    SengirShowsU says:

    You definately need more reach. I just now heard from the elusive target system in hitman because game media doesnt seem to care about games these days. Now i really consider to get that game for that one mechanic alone. p.s. but you really need to play vampire bloodlines now. really. do it.

  2. takashy87
    takashy87 says:

    "Player of the game" has to be a joke… as far as I've heard it usually focuses mainly on players dealing damage, rather than supporting characters and is by no means a new idea. Older games have done this previously in better ways..

    Think of Killzone 3 where after a multiplayer match you got a cutscene where specific players characters + names would appear in the cutscene highlighting them. You got multiple players instead of just one.

    Featuring one player over the dozen others is basically a great way to make the other players feel bad about not being features , because "they didn't do that well"..

    Kinda have to disagree on this one. Not only isn't "player of the game" in Overwatch the least bit innovative, it also does things wrong by a specific player at the price of making other players potentially feeling bad about not being featured.. and that's one of the things you normally don't want to do. Increase the fun of some players at the price of others.

    Also the comment "where a scoreboard doesn't tell the full story" doesn't make any sense for a system that highlights a single Player VS showing how much each player contributed to the game's outcome..

  3. Dana Thurmond
    Dana Thurmond says:

    I downloaded Oxenfree but it won't work on my iPad Air. Contacted the company and they said it SHOULD work, but it doesn't. Anyone have any advice?

  4. Le Derp
    Le Derp says:

    Dude, what. Overwatch POTGs are ultra predictable, if just a few certain parameters are met, you get the POTG. There is absolutely nothing special about it.

  5. Jason Skywalker
    Jason Skywalker says:

    What's so special or innovative about Superhot? I mean yeah, time-slowing while standing is cool, it's just another bullet-time mode, except stretched over an entire game. Does it do it well? Yes, better than any other game I've seen try it. However, it's still not very new or worth developing an entire game for.

  6. Civil
    Civil says:

    Wow please make more of these based of more non-AAA games. Maybe a bi monthly thing. This is great to seed out all the garbage and respect all the good guys


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