Ambition. Discipline. Purpose. The Journey of Being an Entrepreneur with Gurbaksh Chahal

(Visit: Gurbaksh Chahal is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Radium One. A die-hard internet entrepreneur, he started his first company, at the age of 16. Series: “Distinguished Innovator Lectures” [4/2013] [Business] [Show ID: 24409]
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  1. Royal رُويآل
    Royal رُويآل says:

    I need help to write the subject of the video you basics????


    This is the main body of the report. Key points to remember when you are writing the discussion include the following:

    1. Present the analysis in a logical and systematic way

    2. Divide the topic with appropriate headings to improve the readers' understanding

    3. Back up your claims with evidence—explain your findings.

  2. SanFernandoValley 818Optima
    SanFernandoValley 818Optima says:

    Good advice. Why are you guys hating? You entered the store, didn't like anything, and you trash talk it. I got a couple of things because I am hungry. There was nothing wrong with what he said.

  3. basenvy
    basenvy says:

    "Entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster it has its ups and downs… " WOW, really?!?! What a Powerful Statement! Who are you going to quote next? Forrest Gump?

  4. basenvy
    basenvy says:

    Come to America, Work Hard, Make Millions, Beat your Girl Friends, Hire Expensive Lawyers, Get out of Jail = American Dream.. what a POS.

  5. Balyhoos Business Network
    Balyhoos Business Network says:

    Gurbaksh inspired me to come up with Idea of Balyhoos.comIt's a great feeling to see how it started and where it's now in just 2 years.

  6. BensDream
    BensDream says:

    Without a purpose, we don't have passion, without passion we don't have drive, without drive, we don't have a business.


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