Best video Ever -TrUe LeAdER

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Really touching add i cried a lot donno Y???
Best video ever!!!!!!!.

dedicated to happy personz like me who wan2 cry

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  1. Soulja bigtym
    Soulja bigtym says:

    Hindustan Zindabad Im an Afghan I support India as much as I support my own Homeland Afghanistan!!! Therefore Heil INDIA !!!

  2. Saurat Xiuhcoatl
    Saurat Xiuhcoatl says:

    One time, in Mexico City I tried doing that. 'Cuase it was a big metal thing on the floor, and the cars just went trought…
    So i saw it, and i tell to myself…
    "is it real that the danger upon that thing is so visible and none does anything?"

    So i just go to myself and tried to get that thing up…. I couldn't but still, some people was looking at me, and I tell to them:
    "Hey, come on man, give a hand…"

    and when i realiced, there was at least 10 hands with me triyng to carry on that metal thing…"

    It was beautifil…..

    What I'm triyng to say, heroes, leaders, mentors… are not bron as a natural fact.

    we need to have a circunstance, and upon that circunstance the true leaders are born. But, how many people are ready to raise their hands and say: "I'm the one, that can do that…!"

  3. Leena Dawood
    Leena Dawood says:

    It's remarkable how teamwork against a real problem actually warms hearts of people. It's amazing how they treated each other after overcoming the obstacle.


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