Binomial Distribution 1

Introduction to the binomial distribution
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    OBESE GAMING says:

    How will the probability of getting 2 heads be the same as getting 2 tails and also same as getting 3 heads out of all five trials??? EXTREME CONFUSION SAL.

  2. Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner says:

    For the probability that two heads are flipped, why are there 5 possible places for the first head? If it's in the fifth position then there is no more room for a second head flip.

  3. Theuna Hime
    Theuna Hime says:

    I think sal, in the 3 heads case it should read as
    P(X=3)= 5!/(3!2!)
    because you solved it like above but written it as
    P(X=3)= 5!/(3!3!)

  4. Madeline McDade
    Madeline McDade says:

    you bother taking the time to say completely irrelevant things; keep it short and straight to the point, we don't need you babbling and trying to be funny, we are just trying to understand this in the simplest and fastest way

  5. Doaa Serageldin
    Doaa Serageldin says:

    guys the video is too much simple because it explains probability for high-school level or bachelor degree level..he is giving the basics with very simple notations..if you are a grad studies math student "like me" its better to follow MIT grad videos for complex problem solving..however these videos could help to refresh the basic old intuitions ..thank you khan for your great effort..


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