Binomial Distribution 2

Binomial Distribution 2

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  1. Shrey Shah
    Shrey Shah says:

    Hey Guys, help me out here! If you ask me the probability of making one shot, for me I would say p=30%.
    While saying this, I am actually providing an estimate that I'll be able to make 3 out of 10 shots for sure (means, P(X=3) given n=10 is 100%)
    But then using same numbers n=10 and p=3 I calculate the binomial probability of making 3 shots out of 10 and it is 26.68%!

  2. sgtcojonez
    sgtcojonez says:

    Wasn't the formula that you've used a combination formula? You kept saying permutation (order does matter), but the formula you've used is for combination (order does not matter). Did you use the wrong fomula or were you using the right formula but calling it an incorrect name? Thanks.

  3. Incrue
    Incrue says:

    'and we're choosing two of the flips to be heads'…Sal… what you want to say isn't that because they're heads you choose them?

  4. tjcturtle1
    tjcturtle1 says:

    I'm new to Khan academy and i cannot believe what I've been missing! Here i thought Stats was the most boring class I've ever taken, but the way he explains his outcome just blows my mind.

  5. Francisco Cortes
    Francisco Cortes says:

    10:32 doesn't Sal mean combinations, as opposed to permutations, when you choose n out of 5, since you don't care about the order?


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