Bitch in Business (Parody of All About That Bass)

Act like a man, get called a bitch. A love letter to all the badass bitches who aren’t afraid to be themselves in the business world #BiB

Made by Columbia Business School students. You can download the track here:

“She’s really talented, but she comes on too strong and should be less abrasive.”
“C’mon sweetheart, but a smile on that face!”
“People find your tone a little off-putting, you should try to be warmer and more nurturing.”
“Man, the way she wouldn’t budge on that part of the contract, she was being a real…”

Because c’mon
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch, in business
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch, in business
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch, in business
You know that I’m a bitch
Bitch in Charge

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, that I’m not a dude
And I’m told acting like one
Isn’t what ladies do
But I’m tough as nails and I’ll fight for my side
Gettin’ called bitch means I’m doing something right

I’m getting those returns, and making fat stacks
Making these suits look good
While I close the wage gap
But here is some fair warning, you should know that
I’m a viper in the boardroom
And a tiger in the sack

Yeah, my mama, she told me, that boys prefer girls who smile
Don’t worry about brains, just twerk those feminine wiles
You know I won’t be no soft-spoken timid doormat cliché
Because the harder I work, then the harder I get to play

Because c’mon
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch bottle poppin
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch, briefs droppin
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch, in business
You know that I’m a bitch
Bitch In Charge
*slaps an ass*

Glass ceiling’s gonna fall
Because I’m a goddamn human wrecking ball
Don’t make me mute you on this conference call
My time is money and
Bitch I won’t be resting until my name is on the wall

Yeah I don’t have a dick but that doesn’t make me a fool
See girls acing their classes at med law and b-schools
But you old boys who are worried women might challenge your throne
You should know you are making your chromosome look small on’yur own

Let me take a moment to clarify what I’m sayin’
I’m a dope ass bitch and in business I’m stayin’
Well qualified but I don’t get respected
Maybe they’re just jealous cuz my nuts are well protected
You say “Babies are for girls! Business is for boys!”
Try telling THAT to my stay-at-home fuck toy
No time to worry about having it all, cuz
I’m a bitch in business just swingin’ my balls

Made of sugar and spice and everything nice
And gun powder and cubans, and burbon no ice
When we pitch a business get a fraction of the cash
But I’ll launch half the startups and kick all the ass
To those who fear a female with authority
Guess I don’t need a hand-mirror to look at a pussy
All hail the queen and keep your hands off of my crown
Cuz a piss is the only thing that I’ll take sitting down

Because c’mon
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch, deal slingin’
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch, eggs freezin’
You know that I’m a bitch
I’m a bitch in business.
You know that I’m a bitch
Bitch in charge
Bad bitch in charge
Hey, hey, ooh
You know you love this bitch.
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12 replies
  1. AK 565
    AK 565 says:

    Wow! Why do so many people hate women who aren't intimidated and willing to compete with men on the men's turf, follow the men's rules, etc. ???

  2. PajamaJazama
    PajamaJazama says:

    "Act like a man, get called a bitch."
    Sweethearts, when men do it they're called dicks. If acting like yourself makes people call you a bitch, maybe you are a bitch? If you don't get promoted, maybe you're just not as competent as you think? Or are those things just impossible? Conceited bitches lmao

  3. Trinity Brooks
    Trinity Brooks says:

    why the fuck would u wanna be a bitch who ever u are stupid bitch cause a bitch is basically a female dog u dum whore

  4. Nick Galaz
    Nick Galaz says:

    This song its soooo stupid!!! Congrats u achieved a new thing: Bitch=ignorant. SEXIST AND CLICHE, ALL FEMINIST ARE EQUAL AND ACTS LIKE MEN. "Worried challenging men thrones"….ahahaha Be a soldier, be a mine worker, be a guard's prison, TAKE MORE RISKY JOBS AND WORK MORE HOURS to CLOSE THE WAGE GAP. Im done with this, Mrs. "Ignorant" Bitch.

  5. Oliver Caudell
    Oliver Caudell says:

    this makes me really appreciate my femenine wife. I wish i could have kids and take care of the house instead of busting my ass every day for 12 hours. She loves it. I am jealous.


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