BLACKPINK – AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST (마지막처럼) Line Distribution (Color Coded)

OMG the lyrics to Lisa’s rap though… its so sassy i love it~

What is the line distribution like for BLACKPINK’s comeback song As If It’s Your Last?

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Artist: BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)
Song: As If It’s Your Last (마지막처럼)
Album: As If It’s Your Last Single – BLACKPINK 3RD
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. ยุนจิน _CliCK cliCK
    ยุนจิน _CliCK cliCK says:

    My love members in blackpink
    1 JISOO oh!!my QUEEN ?
    2 jennie you're my princess ?
    3 rosé you're cute voice in world
    4 Lisa you is vast of JISOO Jennie and rosé ????

  2. Night Shadowz
    Night Shadowz says:

    One thing ive noticed, people always get mad when vocals have less lines than rappers. As if some sense in which rappers are supposed to have less lines than vocals as a norm. When rappers cut in sometimes singing, people get mad and say, "oh the vocals have less lines" but when rappers doing their shit and rapping, no one says, "why do vocals have more lines?!" or "so unfair". Why cant rappers sing sometimes? Why is ur bias more important than the whole group? Music is about how everything clicks together, its a team thing. For example in games like league, what team is it if everyone focuses on their kills and doesnt even help another before they die? Together, they are a group, and together they make music. There will be chances that other get more lines, but it seems it not this time.

  3. Zeynep Ozcan
    Zeynep Ozcan says:

    Although jennie is technically a rapper you guys do realize she is also a vocal and a GREAT one for that matter. She has such a stable voice that many vocals dont actually have. Soooo


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