BLACKPINK – WHISTLE (Line Distribution)

What do you think about this new girls and their line distribution?

Album: Square One (2016)

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  1. bts lovers
    bts lovers says:

    why do jennies lines always on lisa on the part that like a Whistle like a mistle bom bom its always in lisa

  2. Ederagobor priscilla
    Ederagobor priscilla says:

    sorry to say this line distribution is wrong rose was the one who sang this beat got me feeling like buy u marked it as Lisa and other mistakes

  3. Huang JingYu Xu Weizhou
    Huang JingYu Xu Weizhou says:

    So in the second : " make the whisle …. Boom boom " , its Jennie's voice ?? But it look like Lisa' voice

  4. kookiemonster
    kookiemonster says:

    The second "make 'em whistle like a missle, boom boom" part doesn't belong to Jennie?

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