Blueridge Motorsports – How to Rebuild a Honda Distributor

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  1. tortilla  jackson
    tortilla jackson says:

    a rebuild would be taking all the guts out and replacing them with new ones. my problem is with the icm but you didn't even take that out. You did however give me some info I needed with the wires. My roomate decided to replace my icm while I was at work but then put it back together wrong. Accidently but your video helped. Thank you. I think you're adorable by the way.

  2. Robbie Knows
    Robbie Knows says:

    I am finishing up my b18b1 LS non VTEC from a 94 teg into my 2000 Civic ex which was sohc VTEC same harness but the dizzy. do I just wire to wire the connectors. or what kind of jumper harness do I need.

  3. rushdien alexander
    rushdien alexander says:

    hi the just a quick Q. ive got a b20b engine I by accidently touch the positive termninal with a spanner against the body, theres no spark. did I blow the dizzy????is there a chance I can hav it fix or must I chuck it away.

  4. Niv Lac
    Niv Lac says:

    Hello Team Honda!
    I just got myself a 95 Honda Ballade 150 carb type.
    When on the road she stalls on slight inclines etc..I have to swicth off and restart to get get going again…any advice is appreciated..

  5. juan ramirez
    juan ramirez says:

    Thanx to this video along with another I was able to fix my car and save money I thank you guys alot.. I've never put hands on a motor before tonight and its all thanx to you..

  6. Dylesxic
    Dylesxic says:

    I really like the video but I'm disappointed you didn't remove the ICM, that is the part I was wanted more information about.

    PEEKINEXR says:

    for fuck sakes all of the wrong tools, no hammer or angle grinder. forgetting the c clamp to hold the flux capacitor in when reinstalling the rotor button geez.


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