BTS – Spring Day (봄날) Line Distribution (Color Coded)

BTS - Spring Day (봄날) Line Distribution (Color Coded)

What is the line distribution like for BTS’s Spring Day ( 봄날 )?

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11 replies
  1. Yoongis Lambskewer
    Yoongis Lambskewer says:

    The line distribution in this song just ruins it for me, i trust bighit but they just can't get it right. In blood sweat and tears jin hardly got any lines, and now suga hardly gets any and hobi gets NONE. Harmonising doesn't count. Bighit in my opinion always gives most of the lines to kookie which i don't mind, but if they can't give out lines fairly then give some of his lines to jin. Hobis rapping is my favourite in bts but this is really saddening. I hope hobi gets a good amount of lines in future bts songs to make up for this. Wow i cannot do a single essay in school but i can rant my head off about bts :p

  2. Zoey Sweet
    Zoey Sweet says:

    It's soooooooo beyond annoying how people complain about line distributions all the time. As if producers/line arrangers give a shit. Their ultimate goal is to produce best music with BTS! Further there is nothing wrong with main vocal getting the most lines. Producers will never make song for the sake of FAIR line distribution for each member. Get real please. This is a team, and teamwork of 7. Not 7 individual people competing for lines.


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