Business Studio onboard our A380 and B787 – Etihad Airways

Business Class with Etihad is not business as usual. We have
created spaces where guests can work, rest and play. We call
it ‘intelligent living in the sky’.

The Business Studios on our A380 and B787 are the embodiment of style, simplicity and functionality. The luxury, comfort and service we offer in our Business Studio equates to that of first class on other airlines.

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  1. Manniel Daniel Jose
    Manniel Daniel Jose says:

    I will fly from
    Riyadh to Delhi on 31st May-17. Good service and hospitality in Etihad.

  2. amir aydi
    amir aydi says:

    Thank you ETIHAD for the wonderful response .
    I don't know When I have the honor of flying with your company , but I hope soon.

  3. Shen Jiang
    Shen Jiang says:

    I'm going to be flying soon in your a380 and I would like to know do I get my own personal minibar inflight? 🙂

  4. Hassan Tahir Majeed Shah
    Hassan Tahir Majeed Shah says:

    Hi @Etihad Airways:
    I want to ask is the business studio same in B787 and A380 ?
    Do u hv any flights from Lahore to Perth on A 380 ?

  5. katsu kiyo
    katsu kiyo says:

    Wow! Business studio Airbus380 and Boeing787 seems more comfortable than A340-600.

  6. April Marigold
    April Marigold says:

    +Etihad Airways I'm going to America soon 🙂 in your business studio…so excited

  7. nyoman suparta
    nyoman suparta says:

    so different with the reality, once is enough for me, upgrading to business class, from my experience on Feb 2016

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