Call of Duty: Ghosts – Xbox One vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison (Retail)

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison (Retail)

A visual comparison of the final retail versions of Call of Duty on the next-gen systems.
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  1. ImViruxx
    ImViruxx says:

    Ghosts is one of the worst Cod game ever made so whats the point of arguing about the graphics?
    if you see the differences between the Ps4 and Xbox one graphics on AW, BO3, IW and MWR there is literally no differences at all.

  2. emma biello
    emma biello says:

    xb1 1600×900 zenos 10 gpu clocked higher than ps4= botter coulors faster loading times and higher frame rates

    ps4 1320x1080i faster cpu clocked at 8.5mghz = better resolution textures and particles

  3. Games City
    Games City says:

    Pfffff.I did play Cod Ghosts on my ps4 and it looks way better than the "ps4" in the video.I think that gameplay was recorded on a Ps3.

  4. Golden Boy
    Golden Boy says:

    1:33 – Look at that soldier in front of you. put it on full screen and look at the edge of his uniform. That's a clear example of how the PS4 plays at 1080p while the X1 plays at 900p.

    But no. Most people won't notice or care.

  5. Justin H.
    Justin H. says:

    Virtually the same. PlayStation seems to have better contrast in low light. Xbox seems to be just the opposite. Idk, even with the movement while playing, I don't see actually noticing that small of a difference.


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