Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. – Rich cultural diversity, mythological relevance all bound together with strong traditions and beliefs, perfectly define the spirit of India. At its centre point lies Ganga, revered by the Hindu population in India. It is the largest river and is a source of livelihood for many individuals living near its coast for their daily needs. The very existence of the river holds a religious significance and is thus, worshipped as sacred.

It is believed that anyone who bathes in the holy river shall wash away all his sins. As a pilgrimage is important in Islam, taking a dip in the holy river is considered an opportunity of a lifetime in Hinduism. To realise this, thousands of people flock to the river.
Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. shares that with the religious connotations and beliefs comes its own share of problems. In 2007, Ganga was presented with the title of being the fifth most polluted river of the world. The polluted Ganga water has not only become a concern when it comes to human consumption, but also a challenge for the water animals to survive. It is home to more than 140 species of fishes, over 90 species of amphibians and the now endangered dolphins.

As a step towards improvement cleaning and preserving Ganges, the first phase of Ganga Action Plan (GAP) was launched in 1985. This step aimed at intoxicating the river basin from the hazardous effluents. Gradually, the campaign stretched across Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar. In 1993, the holy river was designated to be a national river, and GAP was again put in motion with introduction of Ganga River Basin Authority. The authority considered the efficient upkeep of the river along with maintaining the minimum water levels to retain the ecological flow. The river has the ability to treat the biological wastes naturally but the excessive release of hazardous wastes in Ganges prevents the river to treat organic waste. The human settlement along its banks consumes the holy water and return only wastes. Even with the an efficient plan of GAP, the authorities have faced a lot of challenges – from lack of advanced technological expertise, loopholes in environmental planning to lack/no support from the religious authorities.

Recently after being questioned by the Supreme Court, the Modi Government presented a draft on the series of steps to be taken towards ‘Clean Ganga’. While the Finance Minister of India Mr. Arun Jaitley introduced a hundred percent tax deduction towards the project, the NDA government submitted an affidavit with the Supreme Court, suggesting continuous efforts to sterilize the Ganges in three phases – short term (3 years), followed by mid-term (5 years) and long term (10 years or more). It is believed to have rejuvenated 2,500 kms stretch of Ganges. The first phase shall involve 118 towns and cities for water waste treatment and solid waste management identified by the Ministry of Water Resources.

Progressing towards the medium term goal, the plan suggests the Ministry of Urban Development to expand its coverage of sewage infrastructure and generate awareness among 1,649 gram panchayats to make the region along the banks open-defecation free. The long term plan is estimated to involve a conglomerate of seven IITs to maintain geological and ecological integrity of the river.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd believes that the residents along the banks of the river and can help restore Ganga’s sanctity. They may do it by facilitating water treatment before discharging water in the larger water body, thereby helping maintain the standard quality of water. Also, waste-treatment plants shall be constructed in the nearby areas by building a sewage network. The treated effluents can then be considered to be re-used.

The divine, economic and ecological role of the Ganges justifies its significance in the lives of many Indians. Flowing since time immemorial, it has simply given to all and asked for nothing in return. It’s time for the mankind to endow the nature what was taken.

Author Bio: Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is associated with Health organizations for their CSR activities across India.Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. was also the principal sponsor of the event ‘Better Healthcare Through CSR’.
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