Congressional Leadership: Crash Course Government and Politics #8

This week Craig Benzine explores the leadership structure of congress. We’ll break out the clone machine to examine the responsibilities of the speaker of the house, the majority and minority leaders as well as the majority and minority whips in both the Senate and the House. As the leadership heavily influences assignments to committees and acts as the primary point of contact with the media, they wield significant power in influencing the public dialog.

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17 replies
  1. Chameleon1616
    Chameleon1616 says:

    Why would you press dislike on this video? Because you can or because you… dissagree?

  2. mel p
    mel p says:

    I'm super late to this course, but the learning I'm experiencing!!!! So informative. Of course, being Australian, I probably should focus on our government, but the more I watch this course, the more I realise how good Australia's political system is. Great course!

  3. WeirdWorld
    WeirdWorld says:

    If there were no people there would be no congress. So why do some in congress deny climate change.

  4. patrick flynn
    patrick flynn says:

    I'm from Ogdensburg. 360 miles north of New York City. For most people anything north of the Catskills is northern New York.

  5. Eric Marshall
    Eric Marshall says:

    Bro, I used to LIVE in upstate New York.

    But yeah, I got lonely and left.

    woula been nice to have a couple of clones.

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