Creating an Innovation Mindset

An interview with Vijay Govindarajan, Professor, Tuck. To create an innovation mindset, managers must bring in fresh voices from outside their company, encourage collaboration, and consider how emerging markets’ needs can spur ideas for innovative offerings.
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  1. Axmed Bahjad
    Axmed Bahjad says:

    HBR is greedy. They only upload the obsolete videos.

    The interviewer misuse the term 'begging the question'. He means: 'raise the question.'

  2. Solomon Kane
    Solomon Kane says:

    I disagree with the idea of bringing people from outsides and killing those who are within organization who wants to grow and promote their ideas for sustainability and innovation, this crap thinking is killing our potential power to become leaders and then we complain we're unable to produce leaders, retard!

  3. Alex Hua
    Alex Hua says:

    environment is always change
    reengineering is not enough
    bring new blood to the company
    think different
    face to innovation resist—change the performance evaluation system; willing to collaboration
    the unique demand from emerging market- recreat

  4. Gopal R Shah
    Gopal R Shah says:

    Excellent. I think each reply is based on the lot of exposure/experience along with the technical and managerial skills. Very very positive style – listening, agreeing and conveying the thoughts in a convincing manner/system. In all, the Attitude speaks to appeal – innovation to implication/implementation.

  5. Adeel Khan
    Adeel Khan says:

    @HarvardBusiness Can you please ask Vijay to elaborate on his point about disruptive innovation from the developing world and how it will impact innovation cycles in the developing world. Vijay briefly touched based on this subject (starting around the 5:17 mark). But, I'd like to know, what else can we do in order to harness this change and make it work for our benefit.

  6. meditating010
    meditating010 says:

    Mindset of organization, Look at your clothes; It starts from "yourself" new blood, new this, new that doesn't do crap, This starts from you. You should have capacity to fail, capacity to travel in payjamas and not worry about what others think, you have to be poetic and play your cards really well (not foolish, but although to a lot extent you MUST). (I am not being cynnical, but it doesnt start from Harvard, it starts from dropping out and dropping in to things you like).


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