Disruptive Innovation Explained

Clay Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and the world’s most influential management guru according to the Thinkers50, lays out his landmark theory.

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  1. jesse johnson
    jesse johnson says:

    Theories provide a clearer glimpse of the future when thinking analytically and carefully understanding the angle where the disruption lies. this is a beautiful interview.

  2. Jennifer Levine
    Jennifer Levine says:

    I love his depiction of Grove. I worked at Intel during those years and that was EXACTLY what he would have sounded like.

  3. Marcus Bodington
    Marcus Bodington says:

    It always me as a filmmaker to wider audience, no longer at the mercy of big studios

  4. Edward Chang
    Edward Chang says:

    Also, a company/innovation should be considered disruptive only if it actually turns a profit and is not funded by angel investors. Uber and Tesla is out on that. Ha.

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