Distributor Advances (Part 1) – How they Advance the Timing

In this video the tech staff show how a distributor Advance adjusts timing as engine RPM increases. Both Mechanical and Vacuum Advances are explained.

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  1. casanovaevren
    casanovaevren says:

    my vacuum advance was leaking I just removed it adjusted the initial to 24 total 34 runs awesome .probably burning more gas though

  2. silverbird58
    silverbird58 says:

    A swing weighted advance ,Advances "in the direction of rotation" & vacuum advance cuts Against rotation .
    note aftermarket cams with big overlap (pulse ) inside the intake manifold even though the gauge reads steady. and bigger than stock intake runners amplify this Non seen effect,.

  3. Ray Bohn
    Ray Bohn says:

    Thanks.  The videos on advance curves are great. Part 1 and 2 answered a lot of questions.
    I am 69 years old and have never been a car guy. I can now understand how it works and will research how to adjust the curve based on the dozens of variables presented by my car and engine.
    As a member of the human community, I must apologize for some of the comments made here.

  4. magster65
    magster65 says:

    Don't take it the wrong way dude… that was funny! Anyways, should that vacuum line have vacuum to it constantly so it has full vacuum advance until the throttle is opened?


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