Distributor Install on Chevy Small Block

Finding #1 firing position and Installing Old School distributor on Chevy Small Block.This video will only get the timing close enough to get the engine started. The timing still needs to be fine tuned after the engine is running.
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this video is accurate. I am in no way responsible for any occurance resulting from following the instructions in this video.
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  1. Kaech776
    Kaech776 says:

    Never did this before, followed your directions exactly, worked great for me. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Much appreciated ??

  2. TheOutlaw256
    TheOutlaw256 says:

    that's a lot of work for nothing. ,when the # 1 piston is in top dead center you can drop that dist. in anyway you want as long as the oil pump groove is turned to the right postion. when it drops # 1 wire is wherever the rotor points built many high dollar sbc and that's the easiest and fastest way. even if the rod doesn't line up you can turn the rotor till it does and drops in .then that's the # 1 wire. still a good video for beginners..

  3. tips
    tips says:

    No matter how i turn it it always drops to 3 or points to the altenater 4 days now to many times to count it will not drop

  4. MrSBM2011
    MrSBM2011 says:

    i have 5.7 the distributor shaft was taken out and it was not marked, so would this method work on a vortec also?

  5. 1984redcloud
    1984redcloud says:

    Thank you my friend. If it wasn't balls cold, raining and snowing I be outside right now get-her-done! lol First light I will have my truck running. Again, thanks!

  6. txchevyrida
    txchevyrida says:

    I got #1 piston on tdc did it several times my rotor points at #1 when on tdc firing order correct but for some reason when trying 2 start it it's shooting gas up out of the carb and when i did. have it running when i would rev it up would blow out white clouds of smoke. What woud cause that?


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