Entrepreneur – Motivational Video

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Video Creators: Miki Mitrev & Rumen Naumovski
Miki Mitrev: https://www.facebook.com/miki.mitrev
Rumen Naumovski: https://www.facebook.com/rumennaumovski

Music & Speech: “Entrepreneur” by Fearless Motivation – Download or Stream to any device worldwide: http://www.fearlessmotivation.com/

Movies: jOBS, Limitless, Steve Jobs, The Social Network, The Big Short, The Wolf of Wall Street, Moneyball.
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  1. Jnxzify
    Jnxzify says:

    Im 16 and i have made my mind. I will succeed maybe not immediatly but absolutely and definitely this give me the strings..

  2. Primitive Christians
    Primitive Christians says:

    SUPPLY AND DEMAND(7+ BILLION HUMAN$),Now If you're WILLING to Supply THEM????⏰The clock is ticking…… Thanks for this Super Natural Gem,Be blessed??

  3. Success Principles
    Success Principles says:

    when your conscious mind tries to compromise with your subconscious mind ..watch motivational video .
    Search for my channel DEV ALFAZ

  4. Bayarbat Batdorj
    Bayarbat Batdorj says:

    Hi. I am writing from Mongolia. Every time, when I watch this video, it inspires me a lot.
    Could I translate it into Mongolian? I would like to share it with guys who do not speak English. I am sure this video gives them a lot of motivation as well. Thank you


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