Entrepreneurial Declaration – Cindy Trimm

Click here http://bit.ly/1cYihsv for more inspiration and resources for entrepreneurial believers. This video is for the entrepreneurial believer that feels stuck in their business, relationship, finances, goals…

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  1. PapiELRey954
    PapiELRey954 says:

    I just came from my job angry from getting written up for foolishness and as i was walking to my house i turned this prayer on to not only calm me down but to receive an anointing to become an entrepreneur and to no longer be a wedge slave but to be free from working for anyone else…

  2. claudette bravo
    claudette bravo says:

    Hallellujah! Im am so very touched, inspired and lifted up after listening to Dr Trimm. I listen to her daily and each time I am lifted higher. Thank you Dr Trimm. We are praying for you.


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