Entrepreneurs can change the world – Grasshopper

From Grasshopper, The Entrepreneur’s Phone System – http://grasshopper.com

Producer: Sonja Jacob
Soundtrack: Chain Reaction by Carly Commando http://bit.ly/OAmOG
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  1. IamThatIam
    IamThatIam says:

    yes i want to try and make something and lose all my money, that way I'm a bum with no way to pay for my living

  2. Nora Hoffert
    Nora Hoffert says:

    I cannot see how this got 105 thumbs down. Its a great motivational video. I guess there are always a few peesimists in the world. lol.

  3. Ana Mihaila Iebn
    Ana Mihaila Iebn says:

    We should all learn from our kids how to be kids again… 🙂 and then entrepreneurs who loves what they do.

  4. Spark Interiors
    Spark Interiors says:

    Love Love and more LOVE!  I will watch this whenever I feel discouraged, and remember that every day I am living and moving toward my dream as a designer!

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