Gary Vaynerchuk | USC Entrepreneur Talk | 2015

Gary Vaynerchuk | USC Entrepreneur Talk | 2015

Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media breaks down entrepreneurship and tech investing in blunt terms. Follow @garyvee and

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  1. Sebatian McGuire
    Sebatian McGuire says:

    how he talks has changed my whole entire life and the next day I have been trying to begin ideas so called more so I will be trying actions but this has been changing my perspective of how I do and plan what I will be doing in the future thank you Gary vee

  2. Mayer Ali
    Mayer Ali says:

    Celluride was the first to show it to KJ. He then went back to his buddies and they went to town and used that same blueprint and started Uber.

  3. Owen Durkin
    Owen Durkin says:

    When I start my day with a Gary Vee clip, I have a little extra P+V to tackle my shit. Im 49 and I lost my health and my livelihood in the last 2 years. What circumstance cant do is dictate my response to my challenges. I get to to decide that shit.Thanks for the kick in the pants.Love and respect. OD

  4. Tyler Madill
    Tyler Madill says:

    gary I listened to this video and had a question that I had to ask? that is at the part when you ask "does anyone have an idea ready to move on right now….then leave…" if one of the students had gotten up and walked out what would you have done or said….I believe it would be a positive outcome for that person.

  5. Logan Brown
    Logan Brown says:

    "The market might change tomorrow…" – 1 year ago, you were down on yourself for not getting into Yik Yak at a $4M valuation. Today Yik Yak goes bust. Dodged a bullet

  6. J2R
    J2R says:

    This guy is so great. Abrasive, but street smart. Except the super-long strings on his hoodie are driving me crazy. jk.

  7. Gabrielle Angel Lilly
    Gabrielle Angel Lilly says:

    Nicely executed. Thanks for another great talk. I enjoy listening to you whilst I do mundane tasks around the office…Now to go get some! …right after I take a few more selfies. 😉


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