GATE CS syllabus, marks distribution and recommended books

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  1. Ambarish Gudimetla
    Ambarish Gudimetla says:

    a.good strategy sir! great schedule in deed! thanks a lot are a gentleman!

  2. vijaya lakshmi
    vijaya lakshmi says:

    Sr will you provide only online course or even we can join for ur coaching center?

  3. Lalit Mohan
    Lalit Mohan says:

    sir how to fight gate to choose most subject of information technology or computer science..

  4. Sahith Vokkerla
    Sahith Vokkerla says:

    Does Theory of Computation means to Formal Language and Automata Theory..(FLAT)??

  5. Naseerul Haq
    Naseerul Haq says:

    Really great motivation to upgrade the educational and technoligical standard.
    Inspired really!

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