Honda Distributor Oil Seal Replacement

Honda Distributor Oil Seal Replacement

In this video I cover repairing both internal and external oil leaks on 1994-1997 Honda 4 cylinder engine distributors.

Many state if the distributor is leaking internally it can’t be repaired and to buy a new distributor. Well with the right part number and a bit of patience. You can fix that internal oil leak and save yourself at least 180 bucks.

I also address repairing the common outer seal leak as well.

Here are the part numbers you’ll need. There are different part numbers depending on which distributor you have.

You either have a Tec distributor with an external ignition coil or a Hitachi distributor with an internal ignition coil. The Tec distributor caps have 5 wires on them while the Hitachi’s have 4 wires on their cap.

The Hitachi distributors require a bit more internal disassembly but the seal replacement process is identical to the Tec shown in the video.

Tec Part Numbers:

Outer O-Ring Seal: 30110-PA1-732 (From Honda).

Inner Shaft Seal Part Number: NOK BH3888E (Order Online). The dimensions of this seal are 12.5 X 22.5 X 5mm.

Hitachi part numbers:

Outer O-Ring Seal: 30110-PC6-005 (From Honda).

Inner Shaft Seal Part Number: KOK 3286 (Order Online). The dimensions of this seal are 12.45mm X 22mm X 6mm.

If you replace your heater core inlet hose you’ll need to bleed the cooling system.

Here is a link to my video on bleeding the cooling system:

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15 replies
  1. Alex Monjaraz
    Alex Monjaraz says:

    Forgot to mark the dizzy lobe with the dizzy shaft, car won't start! Please someone help me! Did this before and totally forgot about this part doing this again. PLEASE HELP WANTED

  2. smetal
    smetal says:

    Bushougoma – Thank you very much for taking the time to show and explain the entire process. Also thank you for posting the part #'s for the two different  types of distributors. Thanks to you I was able to buy the correct seals and installed them.!!! NO MORE OIL LEAKS!!!

  3. PoopiePants Mcgee
    PoopiePants Mcgee says:

    Wow I just did my valve cover gasket yesterday on my 98 prelude SH with some help from youtube.. And I start watching your video and all of a sudden I smell motor oil. I was like wtf? This guys got that smell vision. It was my phone it stinks like oil.

  4. WhiteCharisma
    WhiteCharisma says:

    I am so glad I found your channel and a few others working on this gen accord. It's running like new again thanks to many of your videos! I just had this problem recently and you even have a full video covering that inner leak! Thanks so much!

  5. Lyle tusz
    Lyle tusz says:

    Where can i order a new distributor, heat core inlet hose an transmission shift solenoids for a 97 honda accord lx 4cyl. Engine? Do you know the oem part numbers for those 3 parts so i dont have to send them back and wait if they are not the right ones?

  6. brotharuss
    brotharuss says:

    For those who plan to work on a hitachi …there is no snap ring for the coupler pin. Its pressed in. This means a punch and a big ass hammer to get it out and to get it back in. Just a heads up.


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