Hopsin – Bout the Business

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Directed by @George_Orozco
DP @justinjonesdp
MV Produced by Don Cunnan & Ovideo jimerez
Song written and composed by Hopsin

Instagram @hopsinson
Twitter @hopsin
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  2. WitchCraftMS
    WitchCraftMS says:

    I'm sorry hopsin but you just seem like a completely different person, I don't who this hopsin is, but I know the old hopsin would've probably dissed his ass so hard

  3. WitchCraftMS
    WitchCraftMS says:

    "Real artists get shelved and wack one's get famous
    To leave masses brainless, a smart mind is dangerous
    In their eyes there probably ain't no real shit in your playlist
    You're just a product of what the government has created" seem familiar hop?

  4. WitchCraftMS
    WitchCraftMS says:

    hopsin sold out guys. deny it all you want but he's literally going against everything he's stood for. he used to diss rappers that talked about money, fame, hoes, and look what he's doin' now. man I was never that into your music hopsin, but I at least had respect for your determination and willingess to not sell out. unfortunately I can't still say the same anymore.


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