How a distributor works REAL EASY TO UNDERSTAND!!!!

How an HEI distributor works in laymans terms….how an automotive ignition system works.. How a coil works. How an ignition module works. Engineering Explained . Cap and rotor. Primary and secondary sides explained!! engineering for all cars: gm chevy small block v8 ford chrysler mopar honda civic elantra bmw mercedes volvo ford camaro mustang chevelle dart demon dodge capri impala nova shoebox belaire hotrod big block. Davidsfarm

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  1. FlyBrisGarage
    FlyBrisGarage says:

    Very informative really enjoyed it although as previously mentioned was long. Maybe a few diagrams drawn up prior to video would help people better understand. The hei module was hard to see also and little was explained about how it is connected to the distribution unit. Thanks for the video. Look forward to watching more.

  2. Jeep Freek1941
    Jeep Freek1941 says:

    Really helped me troubleshoot my distributor faster than what I was understanding from my manual keep up the good work man

  3. James Whyte
    James Whyte says:

    My explanation is to the hates is that the distributor and its function is just generally a complex system to explain, whole hell of a lot going on. Seems so simple at first, but then the deeper you go….

  4. Lyndsey Grey
    Lyndsey Grey says:

    Not everyone on here needs to be an asshole to this guy who's trying to help you. Here's this: Wires run from the distributor to each spark plug in your engine. There's a rotor arm in the distributor that sends a current one at a time to each wire, which sends a current to each plug, igniting gas in your engine. its a simple part that is very precisely tuned to timing and contains high tension wiring, and is expected to last for the life of the engine, resulting in a high relative cost compared to other ignition components. If you're having ignition issues, begin by replacing plugs and wires to ensure you're not starting a the most expensive component.

  5. ZZ ZZ
    ZZ ZZ says:

    This was very very very painful to watch/I hope you never have to give instructions to the NASA astronauts in space as they will die/ I love the drawing of the coil windings what the hell is that/Looks like some 3 year old drew it./Please take down this video please/ Or come up with a outline on a paper and rehears it and then re-post the video. /You do provide good info about different modules pins (4,5,7) and what years of application and compatibility and how reluctor works, and the meaning of coil cover labels B+, C-, which GRN is what /all is good  but the delivery is bad.

  6. justclimb77
    justclimb77 says:

    Holy shit hurry up man. You are taking FOREVER and I keep getting lost from all your sidetracking! Now I have to go to YET ANOTHER video and hope it can simply describe wtf this thing does. Not too hard to explain. You dont need to tell the fucking orientation on all models, nor do you need to explain where shit goes. You have yet to explain how it works. "See that tooth?" yea…."this only moves blah blah blah, only moves when vac" ok were getting somewhere now…. and then you go onto explaining where the fucking thing GOES. Then talk about rpms and shit and you could have simply said there are centrifugal weights that pull or press on whatever and yadda yadda but hell no you are going all over the place with this shit. I gotta go bc I dont have a whole hour to hear you go in circles and draw out an explanation to the point you forget shit…

  7. Chris Pusey
    Chris Pusey says:

    Good video. I watched before I went to work on my tune up and found that my distributor does not seem to have vacuum or mechanical timing advance  which makes me believe that it is entirely electronic on a 1989 GMC suburban. Wondering how I play with the advance curve if it is all computer controlled?


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