How I Sign Distributors

I walk you through exactly HOW I sign distributors and help people change their lives! I have been the #1 Distributor Enroller in the entire It Works company, and this is what I did to sign 51 distributors in a month! I know that if you follow what I’m showing you to do, you can help change even more lives!

If you are thinking about becoming a distributor, I would LOVE to help get you started and train you for success!

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  1. Cambrie Nelson
    Cambrie Nelson says:

    Love that you gave credit to God <3 he blesses us and helps us move up through success ! Love him with all my heart <3

  2. Christin Whitt
    Christin Whitt says:

    i just joined it works and im not sure where to begin im excited to get started. but not sure what to do now that i joined how to get distributors and customers.

  3. Pam Tanko
    Pam Tanko says:

    What is the name of the company? What product are they successfully selling and signing distributors to their network?

  4. Amy Harper
    Amy Harper says:

    I can't wait until I meet you one day at an It Works event. This video has helped me so much! I have been watching so many youtube videos over the last few weeks but this one has helped me the most.

  5. Paparazzi Accessories by Massiel
    Paparazzi Accessories by Massiel says:

    Thanks! I only have 1 month and a half.. 4 LC all ready…Looking my DT… this tips will help me to go Ruby. 🙂


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