How Starting a Product in Convenience Stores Will Lead to Sales

How Starting a Product in Convenience Stores Will Lead to Sales

The American way is once of convenience. We like our food fast and our lines short.

American accessibility manifests itself in the drive-thru, 24-hour grocery stores, self-checkout lines and delivery drivers, among others. It makes sense that the secret to retail success rests within the modern convenience store, the prime example of accessibility.


Now that Mr. Checkout Distributors has revealed the secret trick to getting products into Walmart, we’re willing to explain the science behind this strategy.


According to Orlando entrepreneur, businessman and Mr. Checkout’s President, Joel Goldstein, starting a product in convenience stores will lead to sales. Getting these early sales is how entrepreneurs can prove demand for their product, and this is the key to having a big-box stores pick up your product.
The convenience store is the perfect platform for demonstrating this demand. The steady influx of foot traffic to convenience stores ensures your product will be seen and a successful marketing campaign guarantees there will be a desire for your product.


When starting a product in convenience stores, it’s important to know your target market. Who will buy your product? If you hope to one day branch into the world of big-box retail, c-stores can benefit you and help prepare for the long road ahead. The wide geographic distribution of convenience stores mirrors that of Walmart, as does the variety of demographics that frequent c-stores. Use the time you spend selling your product in a convenience store as a way to build sales, prove demand and learn how to sell to stores across a large distribution network.


The c-store landscape may be the best avenue to get your product into the world, but it is vast and often unpredictable, which is why Goldstein advises manufacturers of a c-store product work with a c-store distributor. When you work with a c-store distributor, it’s easier to get your product placed in c-stores across the nation, and you can quickly produce sales and generate profit. A c-store directory is another valuable resource that can help you and your distributor generate leads and get your product on shelves, behind the counter or in the freezer.


C-stores can truly launch a product to national success. Starting a product in a convenience store will lead to sales, as the huge distribution and flexible hours of these convenience retail outlets provide endless opportunities for exposure and even more opportunities for growth.

If you have a product that could work in a c-store, submit it to Mr. Checkout Distributors.


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