How to be an Entrepreneur

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur is extremely common. Putting the plan in action requires many things, most importantly: a really great idea. But where do really good ideas come from? Our unhappiest moments… Please subscribe here:
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17 replies
  1. kisscsabi11Gameplay
    kisscsabi11Gameplay says:

    What particular issue did the Fidget Spinner guys seemed to aim with their product? Just asking since i am all out of ideas.

  2. weltvonalex
    weltvonalex says:

    Ah thats easy you just need the #entrepreneur and visit some "businness" events. After you lost all your money to herbalife and realize that you "great" idea sucks, you give up the idea and start looking for a job where you have to do real work. Sounds terrible but the truth is, very few people can achive things without work and i have the feeling a lot of those young bussiness wonders dont understand this and no beeing a social media manger or vine-celeb is not work. 😛

  3. TheConversation
    TheConversation says:

    God, it frightens me that your constant stream of BULLSHIT is infecting the minds of youngsters.

    Modern entrepreneurs create unhappiness and artificial anxieties in order to sell something to fix it.
    Source: you only need to look at modern copywriting textbooks to see how advertisers are trained to do this

    Not to mention that the more things created to cater for our every inconvenience, like gadgets to peel an onion quicker, the more we become incapable of handling anything that requires a modicum of effort, since we deem it unnecessary. And that's nothing to say of the finite resources we use to make this ingenious tripe

    Jeez, Alain, your pop philosophy really is showing its limits these days

    Honestly, one of the WORST and superficial videos I have seen in a long time masquerading as insightful

    This is dangerous stuff

  4. Adrian Lee Magill
    Adrian Lee Magill says:

    I have to agree. A good business identifies a pain and then offers a way to relieve that pain with a product that provides more use value than the cash value they are asking for. Good video.

  5. Omiros P
    Omiros P says:

    Great video! I am watching an entrepreneur on Youtube called Alex Becker and he is really helpful and insightful, along with Gary V of course. Check his page out and subscribe if you'd like to! Cheers! Good luck to all of you guys, hope we all make it! 🙂

  6. Marble & Denim Dancing
    Marble & Denim Dancing says:

    I'm trying everyday to be an Entrepreneur but it can be frustrating.. Finding ways to expand my brand is a daily struggle but I can't (and won't) give up. Even though I have a 'niche' business, I know there's an audience out there.. 🙂

  7. Haverniol Inizshibmack
    Haverniol Inizshibmack says:

    amazing video. thanks you, and all superficialities aside, this was genuinely helpful and I appreciate all of your effort into your videos on this channel.

  8. Ken Bell
    Ken Bell says:

    I enjoy solving problems and giving the solutions away. This can effectively undermine those who wish to profit from suffering.


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