How To Be More Intelligent, Creative, and Innovative

How To Be More Intelligent, Creative, and Innovative

In this video I share w. you a very simple methodology you can start using immediately to become more intelligent. This is something I have been using for the past 5 years with great results. If you are looking to have more fun, creativity, and enjoyment in your life then this is for you.

What is intelligence
-the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience
-Intelligence is the dynamic capacity for learning and adapting to one’s evironment.

Given these definitions, learning, knowledge, reasoning, imagination, creativity, innovation, fun, evolution and technology are sub processes of intelligence.

Increase the diversity of input (varieties of sensory perceptions)

Increase the diversity of transformations (multiple meanings / interpretations / metaphors)

Increase the diversity of output (expression / application)

Improve the conditions of the physical support systems (body, environment)

Remove or reduce the environmental factors which inhibit intelligence (labels, bureaucracies, etc.)

Increase the environmental factors which support intelligence (trust, communities, unpredictability, communication technologies, etc.)
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  1. Precious queen bart
    Precious queen bart says:

    I'm not smart when it comes to reality, but when it comes to gaming i win all the time because of my strategies but in reality why!? Am i a dumbass person who is always called an idiot who cannot do anything

  2. peejay mcdonald
    peejay mcdonald says:

    I'm looking for someone with a "great brain" to finish my book about advices for a successful life. You could be a candidate. It's a book 15 years in the making. Let me know if you're interested.

  3. 60 second knowledge
    60 second knowledge says:

    Great video, I have created a channel based on becoming more intelligent by watching a 1 minute video per day. I would appreciate if you check it out 🙂

  4. Mauro Diaferia
    Mauro Diaferia says:

    Nice vid man. Cool tips. You go straight to the point. I just have a suggestion to make — why not improve your vids with more visual aids and elements like pics or lettering and a more colourful and appealling background?

  5. Our Lord Papa John
    Our Lord Papa John says:

    I have a very high intellectual intelligence much higher than any of you plebs.I don't give a fuck what happens to you. I'm better. This may be intimidating to the feeble-minded reader, but I am probably one of the smartest men in the world. It's just I haven't been discovered. I'm up there with Dawkins and Steve Huffman. You're stupidity in grammar is far more inferior to mine. All the things you're good at,I'm better. I can do analysis in my head. I have read the book Ulysses in one day,a task many of the mental weaklings cannot accomplish. You should thankful that I am present in your life. You will see such genius again. Atheist are superior and I'm proof. I suggest you reply so I can remember you and give you some worth.

  6. Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    I have a question.In retrospect to the magnitude of reciprocity, would it be fair to assume the oblivuous subjective matter in which such an elaborate scheme could ignite an upscale intuitive, or would the outcome be such as a nuisance that all would be obstructed?


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