How to Get Distributors–(I’m getting real YA’LL)

Probably one of the most honest videos I’ve ever made…Love you guys!!!!!

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  1. Amy Lynn
    Amy Lynn says:

    honest question +susanwade I wear my It Works shirt and blitz at the grocery store every time I go. I'm super excited and friendly when talking to them. I hand them a blitz card & they seem very excited. I tell them to f/r me on fb but still haven't gotten any lc's or dt's. How do you seal the deal? Should I ask them if I can send them a f/r so I have a way to followup? Fortune is in the followup

  2. VideoMenu
    VideoMenu says:

    You should put "This is MLM" in your video description so that people looking for REAL distributors won't waste their time. Thanks.

  3. Beauty Smiles87
    Beauty Smiles87 says:

    This gave me chills literally at the end! Whoo Oh my God! Thank you so much! Im glad I came across this! Ive always been a person of quality over quantity! I'd rather start slow but have a strong loyal customer base than be a flaky diamond. Hard work and honesty pays off over time! ?


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