How to protect prospects and new distributors from negativity.

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His team does over 0 million in sale per year, so what one simple technique does Network Marketing rock star Wes Linden use to protect his new distributors from negativity and keep more of them active on his team?

Find out in this LIVE video from the Direct Selling Mastermind Event. Plus Wes demonstrates how even 8-year olds can do what he teaches and how this effective technique helped him create over million a year in sales from just one of his organizational legs.

He also shares how to inoculate your team from GUPTRs, how to protect your prospects from negativity, what “prospecting procrastination” looks like (and how to beat it) and the power behind “sliding door moments.”

Wes Linden is the first Mastermind Event speaker from the United Kingdom. He joined his network marketing company at age 20, after 4 years he was able to live directly from his network marketing income and by age 27 he’d developed a true rock star residual income and lifestyle which he’s been enjoying for the last 9 years… all with the same company. He has achieved the dream.

“Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!” ―Art Jonak

Wes Linden presents at Mastermind Event, November 2013
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17 replies
  1. drav1dan
    drav1dan says:

    This video is an absolute must watch for anyone thinking of starting their own pyramid scheme/network marketing scam or cult to learn how to isolate and separate new victims from those who might try to help them escape.

  2. Rexford Agyepong
    Rexford Agyepong says:

    knowing the truth, seeing truth but believing in lies will make me a fool. network marketing is the way to sustained financial freedom

  3. Steve P
    Steve P says:

    This is a 'must see' if you are intent on building a good, solid Network Marketing business. Top tips, and sound & simple advice from Wes Linden. This will help set your wheels in motion, and on the right track too.

  4. Tom Marshall
    Tom Marshall says:

    Great video, thanks Wes. I have shared this video with everyone in our team, showed it at the start of our last team meeting, and I will continue to share it for a long time. The things that particularly stood out for me were the 'An expensive call NOT to make', 'Using the proven tools so as to be the messenger, not the message', and your great video examples of 'The 8 year old test'!!!  

  5. Andy Ross
    Andy Ross says:

    This is so true for our business. The first few days, weeks of a new distributor are the most important ones and this speech should be given to everyone joining a network FOC

  6. fantasticfuture2
    fantasticfuture2 says:

    Brilliant Wes ….. great to see someone from the UK (and our fantastic business) presenting in the US.
    Some great hints and tips for us all to use!  Thanks for sharing!!  Andy G

  7. Vijay V Patel
    Vijay V Patel says:

    Valuable content! It's always a privilege for us to get 'an audience with Wes' simply because we always learn and benefit from his experience and teachings in Network Marketing. This video is especially useful because it would be of benefit not only to prospects and new distributors to watch, but also to those distributors that will have lost focus or been distracted. I am now going to promote this video to those in my own team, new or old, that need protecting. Thanks Wes! 🙂

  8. Jason Hodgson
    Jason Hodgson says:

    Incredible bit of training there! Especially loved how you literally did the 8 year old test – following the wheel literally and as a result reaping the rewards. Going to take the CD / cassette tape idea from this! Thank you Wes


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