How to use a weight distribution hitch

Basic instructions on using a weight distribution hitch
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  1. Robert Gruben
    Robert Gruben says:

    #1 You say 1" low is ok but its not and you didn't measure the front end before and after its should not be more than half inch off from where you started that way you will know you have a level vehicle…

  2. Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin says:

    Hopefully this feed is still live.
    When I hook my chains up the number of links is different by one link on one side. How do I adjust this to have the same number of links on both sides or does it matter.

  3. Walter Kiley
    Walter Kiley says:

    Couple things wrong. Ball hitch should be level not at a tilt. Reset the angle on the hitch ball assembly. Next the leveling bars should be parallel to the ground, he has his too high and needs to drop down a few links.

  4. he butt
    he butt says:

    I read somewhere where there had to be a minimum of 5 links between…why? and mine is not snug unless I have 4 links. do i make the adjustment at the ball lower? I added a timbrin to rear-end of my 1500, towing 9000 lbs fully loaded with water and gas for generator. everyone says I can pull 10000 lbs. am I just hauling too much weight? it still sways if I go over 55

  5. Matt Perkins
    Matt Perkins says:

    Thanks man. I just pulled my father's old Sway hitch out of his garage and was going to use it for the first time. I'd never done it before because I was a child when we used it last. VERY helpful, simple and clear. Thanks!

  6. Joe Damm
    Joe Damm says:

    Thanks for that informative vid. I at 53 grew up on the water front all my life and been hitching trailers mainly boat trailers of all sizes since I was 12 so if you ever want to have a hitching race let me know, its something I pride myself or lol. Anyway here is my question. I live in Ohio now, no oceans anymore but plenty of big-huge lakes so for the first time in my life I bought a Pontoon boat which we will be picking up next week. My question is will the stabilizer mounts on the trailer frame fit the tubular frame of a pontoon trailer. My guess would be its a 2"x2" tube. I have used stabilizers before but they were already installed. Never a reason on any of my trailers to have one until now. Do they make different size stabilizers for that size frame tube.


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