maybe this is every retail worker. maybe it’s just me. maybe this is why i was fired
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fun fact i filmed this at 2am and when it gets to 2am i stop caring about good lighting

also if you’re one of the people commenting furiously “I ACTUALLY LIKE MY JOB WHY NOT GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS IT IF YOU HATE IT THAT MUCH WHY BE RUDE” congratulations you are today’s special snowflake and you’re the asshole at work that everyone secretly hates. sorry.

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  1. Hatiah Begum
    Hatiah Begum says:

    This woman asked if she could take her trolley somewhere outside the perimeter we allow and to avoid an argument I asked her for reassurance, "you will bring the trolley back right?" Just so there's a confirmation between cashier and customer, I was literally breaking the rules for her cos she was too lazy to carry her shit to the car. And she got offended because she was a total snob who thought she was superior and she said to me "I've got £1000 in my purse, I don't need to steal a trolley." And I was so, incredibly polite to her throughout the entire transaction. And she asked me if my name was on the receipt and complained about me to my manager. My first complaint I've ever gotten in the store. And my dickhead of a manager believed the customer over me (he wasn't the one who hired me). How was he gonna believe the rudest, bitchiest customer over his own colleague. Like how many times do customers parade through the door on a daily? Too many. And how many complaints have I had in my entire year and a half of working there? None. And he believed the customer over me. A new manager, hiring his new recruits and trying to get rid of the old. He's not very supportive of his colleagues that he got "stuck" with. And I'm about the nicest cashier, idk how to be rude at work. I don't know how to say no to things, and I was so polite to that snobbish cow. Never been rude at work, I can't think of anything clever to say back in a situation like that because it's an uncomfortable situation that you wanna escape. So in order to do that, you don't provoke the customer. But that bitch was so rude, I really can't believe my manager took her side like seriously???

  2. Ethan Smithson
    Ethan Smithson says:

    "what is that.." 'he *died at the 'aids clinic' u havent seen moving 'torso' upper body/torso bounce kinda walk since high school swim from Caroline"

  3. Ethan Smithson
    Ethan Smithson says:

    "ur a 'child' that doesnt getTo…. bc that was Gay.. they get gifts like Nissan cars with no job and a smile and out 'run' ppl like 'faze rug'

  4. Ethan Smithson
    Ethan Smithson says:

    "Gay wud have Diabetes for large body molde and straight- Epilepsy for 'timeing out' to what they wud have been doing in life 'things they cud never even think about"

  5. Ethan Smithson
    Ethan Smithson says:

    "its called black America.. where 'just fine' is ur going to meet that person that looks Nickeoldeon huge house Lamborghini life 'been doen it rich"


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