Imagine Leadership | By XPLANE & Nitin Nohria

Nitin Nohria and Amanda Pepper of Harvard Business School’s Leadership Initiative collaborated with XPLANE to create this video in order to generate a discussion of the value and importance of leadership to address some of societys most pressing problems.

“It is my desire to inspire people of all ages and social demographics to think about leadership on a broad level, contemplate what it means to them and what individual impact they can have when it comes to leading,” says Nohria.

– HBS:
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  1. Shaughn Casey
    Shaughn Casey says:

    "One in five people have access to the internet." Somewhere, an editor failed. One have access to the internet? Really?

  2. Silvia Jimenez
    Silvia Jimenez says:

    "You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-women." This quote stood out to me because I think some women need to embrace their rights and speak what they're feeling a lot more often. This doesn't mean going against men or even trying to compete with men it just means speak up and do what you feel is right.

  3. Ramachandran M
    Ramachandran M says:

    We need people to do work. Actual, physical, real work to achieve what we want. The leader ship quality (of there is one) is action, taking the right decisions, and make sure it is implemented, not forced. The icons showed in this clip are just icons, nothing more. Give credit to those who toiled along with Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and M.K.Gandhi to achieve their goal. It just that we do not inspire ourselves.

  4. innovatorsandleaders
    innovatorsandleaders says:

    This video sums up what is wrong with leadership training – it is pitched too high, is motivational and no more, does not at all meet the needs of the leader/manager at the daily level.
    The concpet of ' If Bill gates could do it, why can't you' is the most dangerous concept. Let's get real – and useful, rather than impressive.


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