Inner Management: The Missing Link to Leadership Excellence

Inner Management: The Missing Link to Leadership Excellence

Sadhguru Vasudev
Isha Foundation
Emory University
April 14, 2013
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  1. Narayan Bhavaria
    Narayan Bhavaria says:

    charlatans! Being indian i can tell you, we have a infestation of sadgurus who are stifling real progress. I am a science teacher in the state of Gujarat, everyday is a struggle to teach students to follow scientific inquiry make rational analysis all the while quacks like this are the counterweight to progress. Daily we have to convince the villagers when they are sick and need medical help to go see a doctor all the the while frauds like this with their psudo-scientific gibberish convince them other wise. I did some research on this chap, he has a basic undergraduate degree in english, such degree is easily attainable in our universities (indians will know how easy it is to obtain a BA or Bcom) with such a degree he will not even get a job in my school to teach 8th standard students, yet he goes on to talk about all the sciences in the world. Please America and europe take these saduguru's there, take them off our hands! but for every 500 sadgurus you take please give us one of your scientist, or dentist or engineer! we will be happy to export all of these quacks out our our country! good riddance!

  2. Inam Ullah
    Inam Ullah says:

    the lines "the way universe happens within you is the only way you're aware of it. It's the only way you know of don't know what's the actual way if it…then this pleasantness must come within you."cz the control must be your's"

  3. Mimi B
    Mimi B says:

    hallelujah belief is just a word. it can be easily assimilated OR quickly broken down….its just a word mixed up with faith, our human psyches try to difine and understand by putting this in a tidy little unmoving box

  4. Velmurugan Kannappan
    Velmurugan Kannappan says:

    His electrified voice is always moves through my spine and shakes it up every time. I feel very fortunate to be born at the same time when he is here and born in this very land.

  5. Nagam Sanyasi Rao
    Nagam Sanyasi Rao says:

    If you want to really change yourself. JV Sadgurus' lessons are important. follow him from now itself.


    What the hell did he ever manage except to fool himself and a lot of other people he talks about success how many people has he feed you get things done by action not sitting around chanting for fifty years

  7. peacefulislandgirl
    peacefulislandgirl says:

    There are billions of us at this point, and we all learn differently because we all have a unique existence and perspective regardless of our oneness, our unity. Understanding this after years of struggle, I'm grateful to have the capacity and willingness to change and to have innumerable and various people to show me new ideas and possibilities. To have different teachers, attempting to share the same spiritually derived meaning of life, has given me a new freedom and acceptance of who I may be and the limitnessness of my life. That it is all supported by the art of science only serves to include even more of us in the conversation. If we only had one teacher, so many of us would be left out in the cold, not connecting with the same patterns of speech, the same nuances and intonations. Reaching out to change has brought me closer to the human race as a whole, while accepting myself on a deeper level as I was born. Bring on the different teachers sharing ancient understanding in new ways with new techniques and voices. Let them rework old wisdom into more modern language allowing people to relate. It makes for a rich tapestry and leaves no one alone.
    History shows we tend to forget why we're all here and need constant updating anyway.


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