Innovate or Die – Aquaduct: Mobile Filtration Vehicle

The Aquaduct is pedal powered vehicle that transports, filters, and stores water for the developing world. A peristaltic pump attached to the pedal crank draws water from a large tank, through a filter, to a smaller clean tank. The clean tank is removable and closed for contamination-free home storage and use. A clutch engages and disengages the drive belt from the pedal crank, enabling the rider to filter the water while traveling or while stationary.

The Aquaduct is the winning entry in the Innovate or Die contest put on by Google and Specialized. The contest challenge was to build a pedal powered machine that has environmental impact. Please visit our blog ( ) or email for more details.

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  1. Andrew Weeraratne
    Andrew Weeraratne says:

    The guys who invented this should be given the Nobel Prize instead of giving it to economists who do propaganda to benefit only a few.

  2. King William
    King William says:

    Awesome idea but how are they going to get that water into the container? What if people want to put puddle water in there?

  3. Vipul Saini
    Vipul Saini says:

    great idea for purification of water. it can also be use at the public places where the problem of water is remain same such as at bus station, railway station

  4. Mac Sparrow
    Mac Sparrow says:

    and who will buy this for them exactly we all know most governments are trying to thin the herb already to keep the populations at a sustainable level

  5. Abhishek Jain
    Abhishek Jain says:

    We are in process to make this vehicle but problem is in manufacturing of Peristaltic Pump pls give suggestion for any alternate pump we can use it

  6. X Boomer
    X Boomer says:

    Why not just have a filter at the water source….then transport it back to the house? Then they only need a regular bike….replacing filter on water would be government job….not bike owner job….

     However…if using River water, or pond, I agree this is great Idea…

  7. Nolan Eng
    Nolan Eng says:

    Love the aesthetics! but I think the hipporoller is a cheaper and more feasible idea for transporting water.

  8. Fender Veal
    Fender Veal says:

    I would say the cost would be its downfall,and quantity of water cleaned would be a factor,we have clean cups in the service that do the same thing with less .idea is good but not cost effective or every military org. would use it now,make it simpler and less to build,kiss rule,keep it simple stupid,if h20 is a problem,tools for maintaining it sure are,simplefy it more,filter life,make it reuseable,not replaceable,if money is tight replacement will not happen and its back to unclean h20 again,


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