Innovation First Person APM video – WCG Korea Qualifier 2013

First Person APM video of Innovation, recorded during the WCG Korea Qualifier 2013. Innovation was the first StarCraft 2 Champion for WCS in 2013.

By the way, this is what it looks like when I record one of those videos: Taken by one of the korean journalists

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  1. Кэр Ладас
    Кэр Ладас says:

    круто… только нафига столько лишних действий? для счетчика апм чтоль старается?

  2. Mark Lee Bennagen
    Mark Lee Bennagen says:

    at the first 1-2 minutes of the game what could he be possibly doing to push those buttons like 300x ? im not judging and played the game

  3. Гриша Почуев
    Гриша Почуев says:

    Зачем он несколько раз одних и тек же юнитов обводит? для выпендрежа, типо посмотрите как я часто умею щелкать.

  4. Nick Greeking
    Nick Greeking says:

    mostly 1-6 spamm 😀 the thing is that useless spamm keeps you steadfast for the upcomming micro and macro as the game advances on.


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