Innovative Flotation Cell, Innovative Xinhai

Innovative Flotation Cell, Innovative Xinhai

Identified as “China Top 50 enterprises of manufacturing industries” by the Chinese market monitoring center, Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has become a company with the strongest comprehensive power and biggest scale among the private mining machinery factories. It consists of machinery design and research institute, mining design institute, metal institute, non-metal mining institute, mineral processing chemical institute, automatic control institute and abrasion resistant rubber institute.

With abundant experience, Xinhai independently develops a new type of flotation cell–total cross-section air lift micro bubble flotation cell based on the “innovative flotation, innovative Xinhai”. It can be widely used in the nonferrous metal, ferrous metal and nonmetal. And it is suitable for roughing, selection and scavenging of flotation process. It fully realize effects of consumption reduction, high efficiency and abrasion resistance of new type. Its unique technology and ways are shown in the following list.

The performance contrast between total cross-section air lift micro bubble flotation cell and traditional flotation cell
Advantages Ways traditional
flotation cell
total cross-section air lift micro bubble flotation cell
reduction agitating
power Roller drives to impeller to rotate with large shaft power and high consumption. Slurry was agitated by some lifting air with some pressure. The flotation itself itself needs no power but with energy-saving.
the state of reagent Due to the liquid state of reagent, it has smaller surface and low effective utilization. So it needs to use more reagent. Due to the atomization of reagent, it is bigger than the surface with high effective utilization but with little reagent.
附着 No air-reagent mixer with low reagent adhesive rate Air-reagent mixer can make more bubbles and the reagent adhesive rate is high with saving 20% reagent.

agitating device Mechanically-agitating device leads to more manufacturing cost and anticorrosive cost.
Without mechanically-agitating device; low anticorrosive cost

high-efficiency bubble Larger bubble Micro bubble and high effective air utilization
Contact way of slurry and reagent Roller drives to impeller to agitate with less flotation time. Good and long flotation time
Reaction range Some areas can not be flota ted. Without such areas.
Reaction time The mix of ore particle with air and reagent is slow. The mix of ore particle with air and reagent is fast.
air Poor dispersion High effective utilization
Abrasion resistance Rubber material Common rubber Abrasion resistant rubber

Total cross-section air life micro bubble flotation cell can save over 85% energy with improving 5% flotation effects and over 20% reagent. It broadens the development of flotation cell and becomes a new type admitted by the customers.

Total cross-section air life micro bubble flotation cell

The valued service is the key to compete among the companies. Yantai Xinhai advocates “quality, performance, price, working period and service, the five-star service” and “one-stop service”, which has become the model in the industry. The company develops with each passing day. Demand of the products exceeds the supply.

Founded in 1993, Yantai Xinhai has 20 years’ experience in the mining machinery manufacture and mining EPCM projects service.

With various research institutes(machinery research institute, mine design research institute, installation and commissioning department, etc.) and service engineers, our customers have a tremendous depth of technical resources they can rely on. What is more, 80% equipment for mineral processing has been improved by Xinhai and some technologies even reach the international advanced level. Xinhai Mining Machinery Company has become one of the R&D base of mining and mineral processing machinery in China.

In addition, Xinhai is committed to providing premium EPCM services for customers, which include mineral processing test, mine design, equipment manufacture, installation and commissioning, personnel training and target achievement. There are more than 400 high-performance EPCM projects all over the world which are provided by Xinhai Company.

What you need is what we can do. For an evaluation of your needs, please contact us at any time. Xinhai believes you will be impressed with the experience, the proficiency and the helpful attitude you find at every level within Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company.

Welcome to Xinhai. What you need is what we can do.

Jenny Wang, bachelor’s degree of business and mineral processing
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