Innovative front and rear suspension on a recumbent trike

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ICE recumbent trikes are available with custom-designed front and rear suspension. These systems ensure a comfortable ride without compromising power transfer or handling. Designed to be effective, durable and reliable, the only thing you’ll notice is the smooth ride.

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  1. cartmanrlsusall
    cartmanrlsusall says:

    you can tell it's Dutch or German by the high quality finish on a machine, but the caption is a little click bait and makes it less interesting

  2. Prince Bytor Frunobulax
    Prince Bytor Frunobulax says:

    Needs bigger wheels. Problem I have with recumbents is visibility can't see over the hood of a car or like a bush in the landscaping

  3. phillip fuest
    phillip fuest says:

    Kannste knicken schon wieder mal hat sich zwar jemand was gedacht aber noch nix von Hydraulik Scheiben bremsen gehört.

  4. Kete Wolker
    Kete Wolker says:

    по нашим дорогам весной ….нтасмерть разобьёшся и под машину попадёш

  5. pattric7
    pattric7 says:

    i like those bikes with a basket  cars are brutal the,ll just run you down and say i didn,t see you  too low to the grown  how bought a higher one off road  grnarted  peadle  and a traler or  some sort of compartment  and  some rear view mirriors

  6. Matt Westmacott
    Matt Westmacott says:

    Twin wishbone at the front x two and a elastomer at the rear, most of your weight will be at the rear so a proper spring with some dampening is a must really.Ditch the elastomer.

  7. Michael Crumpton
    Michael Crumpton says:

    Unfortunate acronym for the company name, as ICE is Internal  Combustion Engine to most folks.


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