Israeli Innovations

This video was created by an independent marketing and PR agency to better acquaint people with the many important health, technology, and environmental advances coming from Israel.

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  1. udi koren
    udi koren says:

    צר לי לקלקל אבל חברות גדולות וגם טבע בתוכן, כמעט ולא משלמות מיסים, יש לי הרגשה שזו אחת הסיבות למה הן בחרו להיות כאן

  2. Oğuzhan Öztürk
    Oğuzhan Öztürk says:

    some dumbasses talk about the land being stolen from jews 2000 years ago. If everyone was trying to take back what was theirs 2000 years ago………..  oh god some people leave their brains behind while trying so hard to be right. 

  3. José Frajtag
    José Frajtag says:

    It´s a kind of mistification that you are trying to make. Jews where scattered all over the world an acquired many different cultures. That´s all! So in your crazy opinion this is forbiddend and changes a real jew into a fake jew? Make me laugh with a better joke! In the other hand a Paletinian arab, came, from Jordan, Egypt, Syria etc. They are really fake!


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