Leader Dogs for the Blind Prison Puppy Raising Program

Prison Puppies pairs Future Leader Dogs with model prisoners who have demonstrated they can be trusted to provide 24/7 care to a puppy for one year. Prison-raised dogs are more likely to successfully become a Leader Dog than those raised in a home setting. Prison Puppies places about 100 puppies per year with inmates. Inmates who are raised a puppy have a greatly reduced rate of recidivism. Many express pride and gratitude for the chance to give something back to society. If you are interested in supporting this program, go to LeaderDog.org.

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  1. Chellee Horton
    Chellee Horton says:

    How exciting and uplifting!!!! Yay for ALL!!! Great program! 👍👍👍❌⭕️❌⭕️

  2. Hassina Khan
    Hassina Khan says:

    These organizations should consider taking as many dogs as they can from animal shelters – a win win for everyone.

  3. The Vegan Dancer
    The Vegan Dancer says:

    Awesome! I think cooperating prisons with animal shelters would also be a great idea!

  4. Hassina Khan
    Hassina Khan says:

    Awesome – The goal should be to train shelter dogs until no more dogs have to be euthanized.

  5. Gysele van Santen
    Gysele van Santen says:

    Warden McKinney seems like a good man, a stand-up guy. Really, many of these guys do, & I wish them all luck.

  6. liv Rasmussen
    liv Rasmussen says:

    Three lives saved. How fine. These programs for guides and assistant dogs for veterans allows me to happily contribute to these programs.

  7. Juciycouturestar101
    Juciycouturestar101 says:

    this put the biggest smile on my face!! more prisons need to adopt this program!

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