Lone Wolf Distributors 6″ Threaded 21 Barrel Test

Just a quick test of our new LWD-21L45TH barrel. You can buy the barrel here : http://bit.ly/lLmxu6 , compensator here: http://bit.ly/lKXBfl , slide here: http://bit.ly/iHWtDm
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  1. mark miroshnick
    mark miroshnick says:

    do these long slides work on a glock 21 gen 4? It doesnt really specify on the site and i wanted to build a 460 rowland conversion with this long slide option

    SHEEP DOGG says:

    Horse shit. Still nearly 5" of muzzle climb every shot..which is exactly what it is without all the stupidness. In other words your comp doesn't do anything but appeal to the mall ninjas.

  3. bigblock chevy
    bigblock chevy says:

    i like how the Bomar-style sight is mounted, did the Lone Wolf shop do that? i couldn't find that in the menu selection. thanks.

  4. CarissimiRBeast
    CarissimiRBeast says:

    How much louder would this make the report? If fitted on a Glock 19, would it damage your hearing in a home defense situation with no ear protection?


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