Normal Distribution & Z-scores

Normal Distribution & Z-scores

This video shows how to calculate “inside areas” and “areas in the extreme” in a normal distribution using Z-scores. This video can also be found on my website

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  1. anand thapa
    anand thapa says:

    i don't know why but in my table for the value of z 2.0 is 0.9772 and same goes for others..please help

  2. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Couldn't you just recognize where the percentages lie within the bell shape? Or is this in case you need to prove it on a test or somethin

  3. Chez Nougat
    Chez Nougat says:

    Should you add or subtract when you are given a problem of "between"? Some teachers stated different kinds of methods.

  4. Zonzai Shoumei
    Zonzai Shoumei says:

    im here because i need to teach my sister this shit and she's like on her phone right now doing shit ughhhhhh saaaaave meeeee

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