Not Forgotten – Hellgate: London (Innovative Diablo Successor / Looter Shooter)

What if I told you that a “looter shooter” with 6 unique classes, procedurally generated maps, multiplayer hubs, competitive PvP arena came out two full years before Borderlands, and was headed by the creators of the Diablo series?

I’m now going to do my best at dissecting what Hellgate did right and arguably better than other first-person action RPGs like Borderlands, Shadow Warrior 2 and Destiny, while I also do a bit of sleuthing to see why it failed to grasp the attention, reception and audience it deserved.

1:25 – Hell-o World
4:21 – Innovation & Deviation
8:21 – Why the Game Failed
11:42 – The End of Hellgate: London?


The only readily available place to purchase the game I know of is either eBay or Amazon:

If you want to download the official patches for the game, go here:!pQsVUC6Q!PMEREm9fD_g39FKOMwOf_w

Check out the fan-made London 2038 revival project here:





Chaos by Gunnar Olsen
Discovery Hit by Kevin MacLeod
New Phantom by Silent Partner
Search And Destroy by Audionautix
Controlled Chaos – Supernatural Haunting by Kevin MacLeod
Dark Times by Kevin MacLeod
They Might Not by Puddle of Infinity

15 replies
  1. Ayman Nader
    Ayman Nader says:

    I've been always waiting for this game to get recognized by others for its true worth, it's nice to see someone else praising the game, a lot of people are waiting for it to rise again or at least a reboot.

  2. Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen says:

    damn this channel is actually the shit with these ultra high quality videos like this.. Please make more

  3. Keen Nickolas
    Keen Nickolas says:

    I got it, when it just arrived in the shops! I started with No Patches! … it was wonderful! Hd it's flaws, but it was real fun to play!!

    The patches made it more stable, but also took out a lot of fun (enemy numbers were tuned down, while making them TOO STURDY to kill … a game that tells you about an Onslaught of Hellcreatures needs the opposite! It needs vast numbers that you can mow down!)

  4. oneZOCOM
    oneZOCOM says:

    It is not absolute dead, there is community organization Hellgate Revival, they doing the game better, fix buggs, more items, ballance skills, more enemy times, some ne systems, new quests and they will create the online system (the best idea would be dedicated servers like Tunglle but now they trying creat their own) – last update was 6 December 2016 path 1.5b2 – official site: , last game update . This game is not dead it rise; awakening to ascension form!

  5. Nicolás Fanta
    Nicolás Fanta says:

    FINALLY AFTER YEARS more ppl will know this game, really enjoyed this long time ago, rpg addicted sensation, ty for this mod! 😀

  6. uno99
    uno99 says:

    I was so excited before this game came out.. bought the collectors edition and loved the game. It was really shocking and disappointing that it died it very quickly.

  7. Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson says:

    this game was my childhood i remember getting SOOO scared everytime i entered the first hell portal because of the terrifying boss and atmosphere i still get shook up today when i enter it, oh and another demon i was so terrified from was that weird flying psionic thing attached to some banner…Come to think of it every demon made me so scared but i still love it heheh

  8. Francesco Spycher
    Francesco Spycher says:

    this game is still unmatched in my opinion and it is great done even its almost 10 years old now a shame that you do no real actual revive of it it would sell like honey. i would rebuy instantly!

  9. Gat the Man
    Gat the Man says:

    Hellgate: London was my first MMO and my first time playing with actual people. That game taught me a few things.

  10. Lippy aus Lëtzeburg
    Lippy aus Lëtzeburg says:

    Never know about Hellgate
    seams to be a good game an thanks for the backstory infos
    i play a Diablo. so Deamon killing is the job 🙂

  11. Outplayedx
    Outplayedx says:

    Loved the game but always balked at the option of paying the devs a whopping $150 in one go…like…what were they thinking?

  12. Alexandros Prokopakis
    Alexandros Prokopakis says:

    Man I still love that game. I got a physical copy of it and I instal it from time to time just to get those feels..when you upgrade weapons and stuff.


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