NUTNFANCY SHOT 2012: LoneWolf Distributors: Glock AR-15s

NUTNFANCY SHOT 2012: LoneWolf Distributors: Glock AR-15s

The LWD 9mm AR-15 takes Glock 33 rd mags in a dedicated, CNC-milled lower receiver. No spacer blocks here. With a modified bolt, this 7075 T6 carbine looks to be a wicked 9mm/.40/.357Sig shooter. Of course all the limitations of the PCCs still play. Arising out of an extensive CNC capability, this is a newer addition to Lone Wolf Distributors (LWD). Their guys take us on a booth tour of that gun and we also do flybys on some of the other stuff. I think the LWD Glock threaded barrels are about the best value out there. Now only if they could keep them in stock. Many other original manufacture parts for your Gloock come from the LWD shop as well to include their proprietary Timberwolf aluminum frame and internals. Alos shown off is their lazer engraving capabilities and apparently everyone in the shop as a marked Spyderco!

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  1. Jordan Cummins
    Jordan Cummins says:

    Okay so can you buy the whole gun on lone wolfs website or do you have to buy the pieces separate?/?

  2. Hitman0341
    Hitman0341 says:

    I looked at their website and they only sell complete lowers. Therefore, those who want to build an AR pistol might be screwed since they may have them pre-registered as a carbine (as advertised). I would personally prefer to buy a stripped lower but i have a feeling they aren't interested in that market currently.

  3. Moe C
    Moe C says:

    My G9 is great, I've had mine for about a year. However 2 months back order my a@#, I was on the list for almost a year!

  4. Pat Stevenson
    Pat Stevenson says:

    Theres just something about pistol calibers on an AR platform that I just don't like, its nothing to do with functionality or anything I'm just not a fan, not sure why

  5. jetttstream
    jetttstream says:

    Excellent info and news from Lone Wolf. I am very impressed and happy at the same time. Especially for the 10mm carbine!!


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