People Reveal Their Worst Retail Horror Stories

Poop. Poop everywhere.


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18 replies
  1. JRB_75
    JRB_75 says:

    When I was in retail I worked in the home goods section of a certain department store. I was passing by the decorative pillows and smelled something weird. I looked down and saw puke on a pile of pillows. Sadly, just another day in retail.

  2. Serasia
    Serasia says:

    I haven't worked in retail, but I relate to that awful bathroom story. I went in one like that once and walked right back out again. I don't blame the people for not wanting to clean it up.

  3. lihappy101
    lihappy101 says:

    some one had explosive diarrhea all over the toilette, it took forever to clean. my reward a pack of chocolate.

  4. Emma Linden
    Emma Linden says:

    I used to work at a photography studio in sears that replaced the sears portraits, and one day while I was at the register at the front a woman came up to me, pointed towards the door leading outside and said "somebody pooped out there". I went and looked after I was done with work and there was a pile of dried diarrhea dripped from the wall.
    Seems like weird stuff always happens at Sears.

  5. JustGuess :P
    JustGuess :P says:

    I used to work at J C Penney when I was in college. I don't know what it is, but there were so many stories revolving around the fitting room. Like, people would take underwear into the fitting rooms, try it on, and leave skid marks before putting it back in the return rack bin.

    There was another incident where someone took a pair of jeans into the fitting room, peed herself in them, turned them inside out, and then put them back in the return rack bin. My coworker did not realize they were peed in until he had already stuck his hand in the leg to turn them right-side-out.

    The problem got so bad, the store wound up replacing the carpet in the fitting rooms with tile, because it would be easier to clean.

  6. Charlotte Campbell
    Charlotte Campbell says:

    I didn't work it retail, but I worked at Panera for 3 years and once my manager told me a story about how he once went into one of the bathrooms to clean it and someone, with their own poop, had written "f*ck your sh*t" all across one of the stalls.
    This happened multiple times.

  7. Hannah Starksen
    Hannah Starksen says:

    I worked at Macy and we had a costumer come in and try on all different types of white jeans. The customer than peed on said pile of jeans and snuck out of the fitting room and story before we could catch her!

  8. Austyn B
    Austyn B says:

    Used to work at a tween clothing store and there was a guy who would come in with his gf/sugar baby at least once a week and have her try on a bunch of stuff then leave. I don't think I ever saw them buy anything more than maybe a necklace or pillow. He apparently asked my manager at one point when her shift was over because they were interested in a "play date".

  9. Where's Waldo?
    Where's Waldo? says:

    One time I was working at my retail job and it was right around closing time. I paged my boss over the intercom to get my closing duty jobs and he didn't respond. Well I get a call over the phone and I hear whispering. It's my manager whispering to me and saying that he's in the bathroom having some "problems." Guess what my closing job was… the bathroom. Let's just say that my manager has the worst aim and there was a poop radius around the toilet.


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